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Monday, September 24, 2007


verbinate: to create a new verb (usually on the fly).

For example, 'googling' has become a verb meaning 'to employ google's search capability in order to quickly lookup information on a word'.

similar: verbination.

In the same vein:

verbanize: is to employ verbination in the course of your writing or speaking.
adjectivate: to create a new adjective, in the manner of verbination.
adjectivize: to employ adjectivation.

Example: Today while writing a functional specification, I realized a certain warning message could be easily circumvented by the user. By virtue of it being circumventable, it was not a particularly effective aid in controlling the input of data.

And I guess adverbate and adverbize would be applicable in their own way.

So, today I created a new word: circumventable. Feel free to use it! And please pass on verbinate and adjectivate too. I cannot take original credit for them, but googling them doesn't show up too many uses. I think I should add them to wikipedia. Is there something like 'wikiing'? What about those obsessed with getting credit in wiki-world? Are there OCD people going around constantly editing wiki articles for obscure information? Probably. That's something that could become seriously addictive for me. I'd better not start now.

Oh, I cannot help it. I'm going to put in verbinate, verbination & verbanize and adjectivate, adjectivation & adjectivise in wiki now.

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Chris Jamison said...

Verbinaceous - one who tends toward verbinating.