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Monday, June 16, 2008

Rebuilt Ropeswing

Thanks to my friends, Frank and Kristin Hoffman at, I rebuilt our rope swing over the weekend. I used a swing hitch to secure the rope to a Sweet Gum branch which overhangs our back yard.

I used solid braid, multi-fiber (polypropylene, nylon, polyester) rope, 7/16" diameter (purchased at Home Depot). This has a working load of 300lbs, so I doubled up the rope. I tied a swing hitch at the top, and secured the loose end with a stick so it cannot work out of the knot. I then used overhand knots on the rope all the way down so that the kids can climb up the rope.

At the seat, I use a 2x4 with a single hole drilled through the middle. Thread the rope through the hole & tie an overhand knot under the seat bottom so the 2x4 rests on that knot. I leave a little 'tail' on the rope that I can use as a handle when giving the kids a big push on the swing.

I chose my rope so that it won't stretch with age or use, nor will it shrink after a rain. The swing is about 13 feet high off the ground.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alkaline Battery Recycling

File this under 'you would think it not so hard'.

I cannot find any place to recycle my spent Alkaline Batteries. Just the regular old Duracell AAs. The best I could find is that the local Whole Foods takes them, but not at this location. But he has heard of the Big Green Box program, and people are asking him to get one for this store.