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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bridge Building Project

We've spanned the creek in our backyard with a bridge. The main deck was salvaged from a nearby home - it was an outdoor wheelchair ramp no longer needed. The ramp didn't quite span our creek - 16' wide from bank-to-bank. So I build a rough support of 4x4s - also salvaged from the woods. And then constructed a small 4' deck to span the gap. All the wood is salvaged pressure-treated wood. Home Depot sells cutout lumber for .50 to $2, depending on the length & quality.

The pre-cast concrete footings were purchased at HD for about $6 each.

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Chris Jamison said...

Sept. 22, 2009
Massive rains washed several logs and tree trunks down the stream. The water level was the highest I've ever seen. The water even jumped the bank downstream.

A large sodden stump came rolling down the stream and crashed into the bridge footings, taking them out. The bridge washed about ten feet downstream, damaged, but not broken.

I need to reset the footings and place the bridge back on them. Then some streambed fortifications are in order to divert future large logs from hitting the bridge supports.