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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

state of the back yard

Sunday night we had a big rainstorm come through Duluth. I was home with Sam and Gen. We watched the wind whip trees back and forth while the rain came down in sheets. Yesterday, Linda and Sam walked the yard to survey what damage was done. Our neighbors lost a large tree limb. We suffered nothing as such. Last night I got to walk about as well. Again, Sam accompanied.

I saw where the water had rushed now the hillside, leaving small contour lines of debris as it slowed in its descent of the back yard. In the 'way back', in the stream, the water levels had returned to pre-drought levels. This restored the 'gurgle' to our gurgle waterfall. The stream bed had been scoured here, and filled with deposits of mud, sand and gravel there. Some of our civil construction projects had been washed out or damaged - some paving stones simply floated away.

Sam uncovered a small snake - turned out to be a juvenile red bellied water snake. It was very aggressive. He handled the situation well - was appropriately cautious. I made the snake go away (euphemism).

We walked up and down the stream bed in our crocs, Sam throwing pebbles and me collecting all the new shards of broken glass brought by the water.

This rain was much needed by the trees and plants. We've had a nice mix of frequent soaking rains, as well as this latest deluge. The heavy rains should help with reservoir levels. Now we wait for a break in the rain dry enough to allow us to mow the lawn.

The stream bed in March, 2007:

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